The master of residense-T read this poetry when was ' Jichinsai '.
' Jichinsai ' (A ground-breaking ceremony) is a ceremony to hold before beginning building.
The purpose of this ceremony is to get architectural permission to God who is under the ground.
This festival is based on the Japanese Shinto.
A Japanese has been thinking that God is in all the places from ancient times.
Usually, ' Jichinsai ' is hold by the ceremony of the Shinto, the Buddhism or the Christianity.
But, ' Jichinsai ' of residence-T was without religion.

Dedicate in the ground

Was it when how much time passed
after the intense world creation was finished?

The sun beat down on the sea of the magma
which is cooling and hardening.
Rain poured.
Thunder sounded.

Long long time passed again
while they were endless repeated.

A primitive plant budded in the primitive ground and then it grew.

The alternation of the generation was repeated endlessly.

Much water and green were stored up,
and then the ground raised life.

All every life followed the way of the evolution respectively and individually with having relations to each other.

They are supported to each other.
Various complex delicate ecosystems were created.

We who are the descendant of that life spoil the base of the ecosystem in the time.

We made other life ruined in the time.

Are we trying to do a work for what?

It is obvious that we have done what and
whether we came from where.
But, where is the place where we want to go from now?

We want to know it sincerely.
But,we can't know

We who are here now are trying to do some works. The work is to get temporary instant lodging.

Damaging nature isn't avoided by the work
which we do from now.

But, we determined to be careful of the behavior.

We want to ask for the permission of the violence for a while.
Then, We want safety finished the construction .