(Grade III-Fissure )

The fissure is caused by a tear in the lining of the anal skin. Fissures can exist for a short time or for many years. The classical symptoms are those of pain and bleeding with a bowel movement. This pain may persist for many hours after a bowel movement.


(Baby Fissure)

Baby-fissure is observed in girl only. Treatment.: Adequte softening of constipation, and the application of small dose of ointments/creams. Fortunately, baby fissure could be cured without surgical operation.

More details about anal fissure

An anal fissure is a fairly common painful condition in which a portion of the skin lining in the anal canal is torn. The anal canal is the cylindrical tube at the end of the rectum which ends at the anus. Stool passes through the anal canal and anus during a bowel movement. An anal fissure is generally caused by constipation or a forceful bowel movement. Once the skin is torn, each subsequent bowel movement can be painful. This pain is often quite severe. Many times there is bleeding associated with the painful bowel movement. Blood may be noticed in the toilet bowel or on the toilet paper and is generally bright red in color. The symptoms of an anal fissure are commonly mistaken for hemorrhoids, but hemorrhoids generally do not cause pain with bowel movements.

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