Dr. Yamada's Hemorrhoids Forum. 

(How are hemorrhoids treated by yourself ?)

(renewed on Mar. 28/ 2000 ).............(since Aug.10/ 1999)
Toshihiko Yamada. M.D.

Dep. of Proctology, Vice President of Toyosato Hosp. Shigaken, Japan.

Welcome ! to Dr Yamada's Hemorrhoids Forum. In this "Forum" I have compiled all of our related information on "Hemorrhoids". Each section of this Forum contains links to related articles.

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  ◇ What exactly are hemorrhoids?   

  Classification of hemorrhoids and ano-rectal diseases, 
          with  references to  accounts and a diagram.

  ◇ Overview of symptoms  of  hemorrhoids ( Q & A ) .

     How are hemorrhoids treated by yourself ?

      ◇ How to use and select (OTC)suppositories for Hemorrhoids?
  ◇ Department of Proctology & Surgery, Toyosato Hospital.

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